The Best in AdBlue Dispensing Equipment


AdBlue Nozzles are required when buying an AdBlue pump as the nozzle is only suitable for AdBlue and no other fuel. The nozzle must be kept free of any other fluid to keep the fuel uncontaminated and clean.

Automatic Dispensing Nozzle for AdBlue




Product info:

316 Stainless Steel, 3/4" BSP Female Inlet.
100% compatible with Adblue.

Automatically switches off the flow from the nozzle when this reached the maximum level.

Cannot be used on a gravity feed system. Must be used on a pumped system only.

Also can be used with solvents and corrosive mediums, like E85, E100, M85 gasoline blends, alcohols, ketone, acetates, either anti-freezing and defrosting fluids as well as water, salt solutions, drinking water, high grade foodstuffs, drinking alcohols, pharmaceceuticals, acids, alkalis, "AdBlue" Urea solution (according to DIN70070) etc.

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Manual AdBlue Nozzle


Product info:



  • Plastic Polyprop bodied nozzle
  • Stainless steel spout.
  • Viton Seals to protect againts agressive fluids.
  • 3/4" Hosetail outlet.

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Piusi Stainless Steel Automatic AdBlue Nozzle





Product info:

The Piusi Automatic Stainless Steel AdBlue™ Nozzle is used for the dispensing of urea, or DEF as it is referred to in the US. As an automatic nozzle, it is designed to shut off the flow when the tank is full, allowing the safe use of the integrated stay open latch. These AdBlue™ nozzles are constructed of stainless steel with a plastic hand guard for comfort, and are supplied with a 3⁄4” swivel hose tail for easy hose connection. This  AdBlue™ nozzle is often used in the Suzzara Blue AdBlue pump kits.

Features of the Stainless Steel AdBlue™ Dispensing Nozzle:

  • Automatic AdBlue™ Nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 60ltr Per Min
  • Suitable for urea and water
  • Stainless steel body & spout with plastic guard
  • 3 position stay open latch
  • Supplied with ¾” hose barb swivel

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ZVA AdBlue Nozzle




Product info:

The Automatic ZVA AdBlue™ Nozzle is designed to dispense urea - otherwise known as DEF - and water in conjunction with the ELAFIX 40 adaptor. The ZVA nozzle' spout sensors will only allow fluid to pass once it has been magnetically opened by the ELAFIX adaptor fitted within the vehicle fill point. These AdBlue™ nozzles are designed to prevent misfilling AdBlue™ into a diesel tank and they will therefore only work in this configuration. If the vehicle does not have this adaptor, no flow through the AdBlue™ nozzle will be allowed.

Features of the ZVA AdBlue™ Dispensing Nozzle:

  • Automatic AdBlue™ Nozzle
  • Maximum flow rate: 40ltr Per Min
  • Suitable for urea and water
  • Supplied with ¾” Hose Barb Swivel
  • Must be used with ELAFIX 40 adaptor

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