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Vehicles using AdBlue have a separate tank into which it is dispensed just the same as diesel is. Consequently businesses using vehicles utilising AdBlue will now purchase it as a standard fuel type and store it. Hence they require a bulk storage tank, IBC or drums for storing their AdBlue depending on the amount they use. Like diesel transfer pumps, an AdBlue pump is the component within AdBlue dispensing equipment filling systems that does the transferring. Here is a list of the different types of AdBlue pumps we supply.

AdBlue™ Pump


Product info:

Pump, Diaphragm Pump
We offer the full range of Adblue transfer pumps with all voltages from 12v, 24v, 230v, 110v

Suitible for the transfer of Adblue/Urea.

We can supply these pumps individually or as part of various kits.

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IBC Rotary Panel Mounted Pump for Adblue™


Product Info:

IBC Rotary panel mounted pump for Adblue™

A rotary hand pump on a panel plate for mounting on an IBC.

This kit bridges the gap between an economy barrel pump and a full electric system.  The system is an Adblue hand pump mounted on a sturdy hanging IBC plate.  Kit includes 1m suction pipe with SEC connector, 3m delivery hose, nozzle holster & for a limited time only the deluxe soft grip manual nozzle!

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IBC Adblue™ Pump Kits 230v/12v

32lpm self priming diaphragm pump mounted on an IBC hanging plate.

The pump comes complete with 4m of delivery hose and 1m of suction hose, including SEC adaptor for IBC connection.

These pumps are available with automatic or manual nozzle and has the option of adding an inline digital flow meter.

Standard Kit comprises of :-

32plm self priming diaphragm pump

Mounting plate

4m delivery hose, 1m suction hose

Manual nozzle

SEC adaptor for IBC connection

View Spec Sheet for 12v Here

View Spec Sheet for 230v Here




Rotary Hand Pump for Adblue™


The Manual Rotary AdBlue™ Pump is designed for the transfer of AdBlue™, also known as DEF, from a drum. They are a popular solution when mains power is not accessible, or when the costs associated with a more sophisticated AdBlue pump cannot be justified, perhaps due to the low quanities being dispensed. This Piusi AdBlue™ drum pump can also be supplied with a hose and spout should the user require it.

Features of the Rotary AdBlue™ Hand Pump:

  • Hand Pump
  • Polypropylene body
  • Rotary mechanism
  • Max flow rate: 300ml per rev
  • 2” BSP drum adaptor

If you are connecting this pump to a drum please check the thread you may need an adaptor from 2" BSP to 2" Butress thread.

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