The Best in AdBlue Dispensing Equipment

The issues surrounding storing and dispensing AdBlue.

Selective Catalytic Reduction………..

Adblue is processed within vehicles using the SCR or selective catalytic reduction system and this process relies on contamination free pure solution of AdBlue for the system to work correctly. If the deionised water content in the solution evaporates due to air entering the system the fluid starts to break down and can begin to crystalize on anything it comes into contact with. This would include any storage or pumping system that is in place to dispense the chemical.

Making sure that AdBlue is correctly stored and that the right dispensing equipment is used is vital not only to the effectiveness of the fluid but also the lifespan of the equipment itself. If crystallization should be allowed to occur it can cause the pumps components damage and also uneven wear on the ceramic parts in the SCR system.

Certain materials that you would find in any normal dispensing pump would not be found in an AdBlue pump. The best material components for dispensing AdBlue would be Stainless Steel or certain plastics. That said regular maintenance and cleaning of AdBlue dispensing equipment should be carried out to prevent excess build up of spilled fluid that’s allowed to dry on any external surfaces.

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